The Working Well Difference

We relieve workplace stress.


We match each massage session to the needs of the individual. Our slow  and relaxing massages combat stress and induce relaxation. Our  therapeutic massages work to ease specific areas of muscle tension. We can also give you a faster sporty massage help you reenergize if you  don’t want to be too relaxed.

We're passionate about wellness.


We study the latest trends in wellness care and adjust our services accordingly. We provide education on proper body mechanics, stress  management techniques and stretching when appropriate.

We are experienced.


We are proud to say we’ve given over 100,000 massages. We have over 5000 combined hours of massage experience. And, our massage therapists have over 5 years experience on average.

We are experts.


We train our staff to know how best to serve the needs of your staff.   We understand the demands placed on corporate workers.
 We are committed  to Chicago wellness and have been servicing the needs of Chicago  businesses and individuals since 2000. We know the Chicagoland area and  can travel where you need us, when you need us within NorthEastern Illinois.

We are flexible.


We know that work comes first in the office and meetings and phone calls can cause some last minute scheduling changes. We adjust to the needs of your office and staff’s workflow.

We offer a wellness experience.


Our wellness experience helps relieve stress, calms down your nervous  system, and gives you a period of time when the demands of your busy day  are on hold. Instead, you have a caring wellness provider who focuses all of her attention on YOU and your well being during your wellness session.

Working Well Massage has a threefold mission:

1. To provide quality wellness services to people seeking to improve their own health and wellness, enjoy a better quality of life, and live as pain free as possible.

2. To educate clients about their own wellness, providing information on better workplace ergonomics, holistic body care, basic wellness and stress management strategies.

3. To provide massage therapists with a fair and equitable income,  enjoyable working conditions, access to clients, and a proactive approach to their own wellness care.