Chair Massage Explained

What is chair massage?  

Chair massage, also known as seated massage, has become a quick, easy and effective way of relieving pain and stress. You’ll sit in a  specially designed chair that holds the body in a relaxed, semi-upright position as your therapist massages your neck, back and shoulders, relieving tension caused by stress and muscle soreness.

Massages last 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes per person. On request, we can also provide chair massages for longer periods of time (45-60  minutes).

What should I expect to receive in a chair massage session?  

In 5-minutes: We’ll quickly massage your neck and shoulders. You’ll also get an idea of a therapist’s style. It’s great if you’re in a hurry.  In 10-minutes: We’ll relax your back, neck, shoulders and scalp, focusing on a few knots as well. In 15-minutes: We’ll massage your arms, neck, shoulders, and back. Or, we can focus on specific problem areas. In 20- to 30-minutes: We’ll focus on specific problem areas and work out major knots, giving you a totally relaxing massage. 

Do I need to remove any clothing or wear any special clothing for the massage? 

No. Our massages are performed through the clothing. That said, if you are wearing coat or heavy jeans jacket or bulky sweater, we may ask  you to remove the outer layer so we can better massage you through your  clothes.

Do your therapists use creams or oils during chair massage?  

We don’t usually apply oils or creams to your skin during chair massage, with the exception of your neck, arms, and hands. After all,  you remain fully clothed. However, per your request, we’d be happy to  apply massage cream or lotion to areas of your body that are exposed  during your massage.

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Massage Scheduling at WWM Chair Stations inside Whole Foods Market

Can I just drop in for a massage or do I need any appointment?

Yes! There is no need to make an appointment before coming in! Our massages are given on a first-come, first-served basis according to the sign in sheet at each chair station. If there is no one receiving a massage when you come in, you will be seen right away. 

If someone else is already receiving a massage when you arrive, simply sign in on the sign in sheet  and wait your turn. 

If you want to shop while you wait, leave your cell phone number and shop until it’s your turn. The massage therapists can call you on your cell phone when it is time for your massage.

What if I want to schedule a massage?  

Due to the number of massage therapists and the first-come, first-served nature of our business, we cannot schedule massage from our main phone number. 

We have found that people often schedule a massage, then get busy and forget about the appointment if they are not in the store. Then the massage therapist turns away a client in the store for that  appointment time and the client that scheduled does not show up, frustrating the in store client and the massage therapist. Unfortunately, although people have good intentions, this has happened far too often for us to make it a regular practice for us to take phone  appointments.


WWM at WFM FAQs (Cont.)

Rates For Massages at WWM Chair Stations inside Whole Foods Market

What are your rates at your chair stations inside Whole Foods Markets? 

Quick Fix (5-Min Massage) = $6  

Short Stop (10-Min Massage) = $12  

Mellow Moment (15-Min Massage) = $18  

Complete Retreat I (20-Min Massage) = $24  

Complete Retreat II (30-Min Massage) = $35  

Additional increments of 5 minutes = $6

Note that our rates for corporate chair massage vary and are  calculated on project by project basis. Contact us for a custom proposal  if you want to set up chair massage at your workplace!

Do you have a gratuity policy?  

Gratuities, while not expected, are greatly appreciated. In any  service industry, tipping is a way to acknowledge excellent service. If  you decide to tip, the average amount is 10% to 20% of the total cost.

Do you accept credit cards or debit cards for payments of massage at WWM Chair Massage Stations?

yes, we now accept credit card nor debit card payments at the Massage Stations. There are also ATMs located in the stores. Clients can also  purchase items from Whole Foods Market via debit card and get cash back  for massages.

Do you offer gift certificates for chair massage at WWM Chair Massage Stations?

Yes we do! We  offer chair massage gift certificates for purchase at  our Chair Massage Station or online.


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Benefits of Chair Massage

What are the benefits of chair massage?

Chair massage has been shown to:

• Increase effectiveness–It’s tough to enjoy life and focus on what  you need to get done when your neck hurts and your shoulders are in  knots. A massage literally clears your head. How, by allowing your nervous system to go into parasympathetic, resting and digesting mode  and reducing tension in your muscles so your mind is not distracted by  muscle pain.

• Control responses to stress–Even a short massage induces relaxation  and resets the body’s nervous system to break the cycle of stress  response.

• Improve relationships-People with less muscle tension, that feel less stressed, are in better moods and this can make it easier to get  along with others at work.

• Counter the circulatory problems inherent in modern life–Massaging  muscles through the skin increases the flow of blood to back, neck, legs  and arms that may have reduced flow due to sitting in one position too  long.

• Provide a much appreciated and healthful stress break–People need to get rest (from work, from life’s demand and from electronic devices!) periodically to avoid muscle stiffness and eye strain.

• Reduce muscle pain–Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles and relieves strain on the neck. Even 15 minutes of massage to  the neck, back, arms and hands can reduce tension headaches, stress and  anxiety.

Can chair massage fix my injuries and ailments?

Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. If you have a chronic illness or injury that does not subside quickly, it is best to  seek medical attention. Massage therapy should not be used to replace  your regular medical care or to delay seeing a doctor about a medical  problem.


WWM at WFM FAQs (Cont.)

Medical Precautions, Safety, and Cleanliness

Is chair massage safe? Should I ask my doctor before getting a massage? 

Yes, for most people, chair massage is a safe and effective way of relieving pain, stress and tension. However, you may have a medical situation or condition (contraindication) that makes chair massage inadvisable. Contraindications include, but are not limited to, uncontrolled hypertension; uncontrolled diabetes; fractures; herniated discs; malignancy and numbness or tingling in any part of the body – especially the hands and feet. Please tell your therapist about any acute or ongoing health conditions before beginning the chair massage.

Is chair massage clean?  

Yes. We use new, disposable face cradle covers for each client and therapists cleanse and disinfect their hands as well as the massage  chair, face-rest, and hand-rest between each massage session to prevent the spread of germs.

Will the massage hurt? 

Our clients agree: chair massage relaxes and soothes. To ensure your comfort, we’ll adjust the pressure for each client’s pressure sensitivity and body type. In the course of working out knots or sore areas, there may be some initial discomfort (similar to exercising), but that will quickly subside as the muscle tissue relaxes.

Will it make me sleepy?  

Research shows that chair massage recipients feel more alert and energized after their massage than they do before. Immediately following the massage, you’ll likely feel relaxed and sleepy for a few minutes. That’s because your nervous system activates its parasympathetic (relaxation) mode, inducing a slight drop in blood pressure. In fact, the time the body spends in parasympathetic mode is one of the benefits of the massage. In our fast-paced world, people rarely have the chance to let their bodies relax to this degree and the lack of such relaxation periods can contribute to stress-related disorders. When you stand up and resume your activities, your system will return to its normal state.

I have some bothersome problem areas. Can you help?  

Absolutely. If you’d like the therapist to focus on one specific area, just let him or her know. Keep in mind that the more time spent on this specific area, the less time spent on the other areas.


WWM at WFM FAQs (Cont.)

References and Workplace Massage

Do you offer any chair massage outside of Whole Foods Markets?

We  certainly do! If you want to book us for a chair massage event or regular benefit at your office or workplace, call us or send us an email and we will create a custom proposal for you.

How do you ensure the quality of your wellness services?  

We are a local company that focuses on the needs of Chicago businesses and residents and so our service covers downtown Chicago and  extends to the near suburbs. We recruit our massage therapists exclusively within this same area, which enables us to personally  interview each individual and conduct hands-on training that assures a consistently superior level of quality service.

Who have you worked with?  

We have worked with a wide variety of customers of all ages, and  situations that shop and visit Whole Foods Markets for the past 15+ years. Our corporate clients range from small, six-person graphic design shops to larger corporations with hundreds of employees. We’ve worked  with nonprofit organizations, the Veterans Administration, areas public schools and universities, hospitals and trading companies in the Board  of Trade. And our client portfolio continues to expand. References are available upon request.