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Working well has been coming to our Bank to give chair massages to our very hardworking staff. The team loves this extra perk, especially given the stress in the business world these days.

Working well is a pleasure to work with. Not only are they skilled therapists, but professional with terrific follow-up. I have worked with other in-office chair message providers in the past, and by far Working Well Massage is the best experience yet.

Ellen R.
Chicago Banking Institution

We hired Working Well Massage for a very busy trade show event in Chicago to increase booth traffic. Working Well Massage performed a perfect service. The team was professional and reliable and our client’s absolutely raved about the massage. I would recommend Working Well Massage for trade show services as I am thoroughly pleased with their service.

Sheila B.
National Trade Show Management Firm

Having the massage therapist in our office makes the experience that much better. We work hard, and it’s nice to be able to walk in to the therapist and have neck muscles and shoulders tensions removed in a few minutes.  Sometimes they find places that are sore that you did not even realize needed attention.  They really know how to locate the points that are inflamed and help remove the pain. Thanks so much for doing what you do so well!!

Carlos D.
Chicago Trading Firm

On behalf of our entire team at Legacy Marketing Partners, we would like to thank you for providing regular massages to our staff.  It has been a great benefit, in terms of reducing stress and improving productivity.  Not to mention the fact that it is the most talked about perk that we offer and a great recruitment tool! Thanks again.

Mark D.
Chicago Marketing Agency

Working Well Massage comes to my place of employment once per week and our clients and staff absolutely love their services. They provide the best chair massage I have ever had and are extremely professional. 5 stars! Highly recommended.

Heidi S.
Chicago Health Care Firm

Thanks so much for the massage.  The therapist worked on my upper arm where I had had surgery several years ago. It still feels better. I look forward to having a full body massage soon.

Ellen E.
Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

Having just worked on one of the biggest programs we organize all year, I was pretty tensed up, but the seated massage really worked out all that stored up tension. Thanks!

Irene F.
Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the chair massages last week! As you can imagine the stress of preparing for final exams in law school can sometimes feel overwhelming. Even those who enjoyed five- minute massages felt more relaxed and ready to take on the tasks in front of them. Several of the students suggested that we see if you’d consider joining our administrative staff permanently! Thank you so much for taking time to make the lives of our law students a bit more relaxing.

Michele R.
Chicago University Department

Working Well Massage has helped relieve the stress that can build up during the day, leaving me more relaxed and productive. Each week I’m impressed by the skill and knowledge they show in making me feel better in a short time.

Todd S.
Chicago Trading Firm

Working Well Massage provided a great fulcrum for our grueling, day long work event. We scheduled 10 minute chair massages for the work team during our midday break, and that did wonders for helping everyone regroup and focus for the afternoon. And the WWM representative was wonderfully self-sufficient – she showed up on time, set up, massaged and packed up with total competence. Scheduling this as a way to refresh ourselves worked out beautifully, especially because the self-sufficiency really freed us up to attend to our business and not waste energy on peripherals. The service was exactly what we needed to keep the team moving forward.

Dawn A.
Chicago Education Firm

Working Well Massage is one of the most rewarding companies to be a part of. Within the past four years I have met a lot of new clients and have gained a lot of confidence and professional experience as a massage therapist. At Working Well Massage you are treated like a true professional.

Ingrid R.

The massage therapist was a master at locating my painful knots and kneading them out. I fell into a deep relaxed state and was able to block out everything around me in our little cubby station. I could literally feel the warmth of blood pulsating to the muscles through my skin. A sense of tension relief, coupled with complete calm, were my rewards when we finished. I didn’t want the massage to end! I left thinking I could use one of these every day, especially with the convenience of walk-in appointments at a superb location (doesn’t get any better than Whole Foods) — plus great hours and highly skilled masseuses.

Jill W.
Whole Foods Shopper

Working Well Massage has a wonderful array of therapists and and all around professionalism that is coveted in any professional domain. Most recently, they did an incredible job supplying four highly skilled therapists for the Climate Cycle bikeathon. Participants were thrilled with their work, and it is just another feather in the cap of a long lineage of great experiences I and now my organization have had with Working Well Massage.

Joey F.
Climate Cycle

Our office has been offering monthly chair massages and mini manicures for quite some time now. The people in our office count down the time each month until the return of this mini luxury! The massage therapists are very friendly and really take the time to figure out if you have any trouble areas. These massages really do relieve tension and stress and let you go back to work feeling more productive. The manicures are also nice. They provide a nice variety of colors and do a great job. I would highly recommend Working Well Massage to anyone!!

Kate M.
Chicagoland Computer Periphery Manufacturing Firm